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The Right Windshield Sunshade for Your Infiniti or Nissan


Sunshade Vs Heatshield When you’re looking for an aftermarket windshield sunshade there are plenty of places that carry the standard fold up devices. In fact, they offer some flexibility with sizes in small, medium, large and extra-large for trucks and SUVs. However, if you own an Infiniti or a Nissan none of these sizes will […]

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3 Reasons not to Buy a Used Porsche


Not everyone can afford to buy a new Porsche. In fact, there are not many that can afford to buy a used one either. Nevertheless, owning one of these beautifully styled German automobiles remains a dream of many. I might go as far to say this automobile appeals to any human with a pulse. But […]

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Got a Junk Car? Here are 6 Ideas to Make the Most of It.


If you happen to have a few junk cars sitting in your garage, your friends and family probably badger you about selling them on a regular basis. The barrage of pleas can get pretty annoying, especially if you’ve been devising a master plan that may not involve selling your rickety old automobiles. After all, selling […]

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4 Tools that will make you a Better Mechanic


Professional mechanics and do-it-yourself driveway warriors love tools. A good tool collection is never finished because there’s always new stuff coming out to make a particular auto repair more efficient. Here we’ll focus on four tools that will make you a better mechanic. We’ll also include the average price of this needed equipment. The tools […]

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How Coolant for Your Car Actually Works


Ever wondered how coolant works? Sure, you use it for your car. But what is it and how does it work? Coolant is a mix of antifreeze, additives, and water. It keeps your engine from overheating and your car from breaking down. This article is a complete guide on how coolant keeps the engine of your […]

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Putting Together a DIY Auto Repair Toolbox


Whether you’re putting together a DIY auto repair toolbox or a professional one the goal is to have everything you need for any given car repair. This is a lofty goal that isn’t easily obtained. In my personal experience after collecting tools for 35 years I still run into situations where I borrow a tool […]

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6 Must Have Auto Repair Accessories


When we talk about the six must have auto repair accessories we’re not including rags. The list highlights items many DIY auto repair mechanics might not think of bringing to the job site. With that said, you must have rags on every auto repair job. And before we move on let’s just say that not […]

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5 Ways to Tell If Your Car Has a GPS Tracker


There are a number of reasons why an individual may want to apply a car GPS tracker to the vehicle: They’re monitoring a business/company vehicle They’re conducting an investigation They’re tracking their driving habits for research Suppose, though, for peace of mind, you wanted to know whether your vehicle was currently being tracked. Perhaps you […]

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3 Clean Auto Repairs within Most DIY Skill Sets


A lot of motorists think about diving into a few do-it-yourself auto repairs, but fail to follow through for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include fear of the unknown, the scary technology in modern automobiles and some don’t want to get dirty. Here we’ll review three clean auto repairs within most DIY […]

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Five Miracle Lubricants Used for DIY Auto Repairs


It can be hard to believe that anything in a can help you get through an auto repair and achieve better results. But I’m here to tell you that it’s true. In this article we’ll talk about five miracle lubricants used in everyday auto repairs. Not only will we cover how and when they’re used, […]

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