Monthly Archives: June 2017

5 Environmental Benefits of Hybrid Vehicles


The truth is, car pollution is big in the U.S., accounting for about a fifth of the total pollution. The noise, smoke, and fuel spills impact the environment in many ways. But, with the inception of hybrid vehicles, things started taking a new turn. This seemed, for the better part, one of the awaited solutions […]

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How to Check Oil Level in a Car


Knowing how to check oil level in a car is important for every vehicle owner. Pick up this essential car maintenance skill today with this full guide. Source link

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Air Filter Replacement Tips and Tricks From a Pro


Air filter replacement tips, tricks and photos from a mechanic with many years of experience. Read this before you try it yourself. Source link

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How to Change Air Filter


This how to change air filter guide will show you step by step how to replace your air filter. Includes photos, tips and advice from an experienced mechanic. Source link

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When to Change Air Filter in a Car


How often should you replace the air filter in your car? Learn when to change air filter depending on how you drive and what vehicle you own. Source link

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Check Engine Codes Advice From a Mechanic

If you have check engine codes or your check engine light is on I’ll show you what it might mean. Source link

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The Top Commercial Transportation Companies of 2017


Transportation brings our world together in exciting ways. Commercial transportation, in particular, is the key to connecting industries of all kinds. More and more commercial transportation companies¬†are excelling at what they do. This puts more demand on industries that support these companies, such as commercial truck wash equipment and freighting and unloading companies. Check out […]

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The Truth about Front End Alignments


Service and Repair Manuals Front end alignments become absolutely necessary in some situations. However, if you didn’t know you needed a front end alignment, until you went to purchase new tires, ask a few questions about why the shop recommends the service. In this eye-opening article we’ll discover the possible motivation behind the recommendation of […]

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5 Ways to Remove Oil Stains From Your Driveway


Oil stains on the driveway are an ugly nuisance. Ugh! What most people don’t know is they can remove nasty oil stains from their driveway with a few simple steps. Classic vehicles, although awesome in so many ways, can sometimes slowly drip oil on your paved driveway. Over the course of time — and especially […]

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How to Wash, Wax and Detail a Car Properly

Washing a car seems like the simplest thing, but you need to know the finer details to get it right. Learn how to wash, wax and detail a car properly. Source link

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