Muscle Cars: The History Behind Your Dream Vehicle

Muscle Cars: The History Behind Your Dream Vehicle


Muscle cars are the definition of vehicular retro-cool. As the name implies, they’re all about raw power. They also have a fascinating history, beginning with prohibition and leading up to today. It’s a history that involves rum runners and regulators, manufacturers and NASCAR managers. Behind all of it is that great American desire — the […]

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What’s Behind the Aviation Mechanic Shortage?


As Superman has said in nearly every one of his movies, flying is, statistically speaking, the safest way to travel. That statement remained true in 2016, in which there were only 19 fatal airliner accidents. People can sometimes take for granted just how safe flying can be. They don’t take a minute to think about […]

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Safe Driving Tips For Even the World’s Fastest Cars


Driving one of the world’s fastest cars can make it tough to avoid the temptation to speed. But regardless of the type of vehicle you’re driving, it’s important to make every effort to keep yourself and your passengers safe. Certain aspects of your safety are out of your control. Other vehicles on the road, hazards […]

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5 Ways to Soup up a Car for Less


Who says you can’t have your dream car on a budget? You may have trouble scraping together a down payment for that Ferrari on your vision board. However, there are some affordable upgrades you can do to take your existing car to a whole new level. This way, you won’t have to sink your entire […]

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Guide to Tire Pressure Warning Systems


The tire pressure warning system made the standard equipment list in early 2005. With that said, many car companies started deploying this technology in 1995. As this important safety equipment ages, they provide unique challenges for drivers and car owners. In this brief guide to tire pressure warning systems we’ll include interesting facts about both […]

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The 5 Best Road Safety Tips for Preventing Accidents


People drive so often that it becomes second nature to them. The level of comfort that some people feel behind the wheel, however, drives them to do reckless things as they navigate all of the road’s twists and turns. The consequences of such recklessness can be devastating. But is there anything drivers can do to […]

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Keep That New Car Smell: A Car Search Buying Guide


Everyone knows it. Buying a car is very stressful. It is also an incredibly exciting time. It’s a complex process, but it does not have to be stressful! Have you decided to buy a new car, but need a little help taking the plunge? Keep reading below for time tips and tricks for starting a […]

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5 Places to Find Scrap Metal (It’s Easier Than You Think)


Have you ever thought about making a quick buck on the side of your regular job? Scrap metal collecting can be very profitable. There’s no overhead and it can be good exercise — killing two birds with one stone. First, though, you need to know where to look. Get your gloves on, start the van, and let’s […]

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DIY or Mechanic? Vehicle Maintenance You Can (and Can’t) Do Yourself


Doing your own vehicle maintenance can be a great way to save money, especially if you drive an older vehicle that seems to need endless repairs. But even a great self-taught mechanic can’t do every repair on their own. Some projects take a professional’s skills and resources to get the job done. If you’re trying […]

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The History of the First Honda Car Models Ever Made


Everyone knows Hondas are the most reliable cars in the world. Any Honda enthusiast will tell everyone that listens about the 350,000 miles they put on their last car. What most people don’t know about is Honda’s humble beginnings. After beginning as a Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, they have turned into a giant in the automobile industry. […]

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