Review Problems with Driverless Car Technology


Steering Wheel Many automotive consumers think driverless car technology has only been around for a few years. However, back in the 1980s, engineers started to develop systems to support driverless car technology. In order to push this dream of an automobile that requires no human interaction, car makers needed to lay down the foundation first. […]

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What Types of Car Insurance Are There and What Do I Need?


Around 13% of motorists drive around uninsured each year. In some states, those rates are as high as 26%. For many, they feel that they can’t afford insurance. For others, it’s lack of knowledge about what insurance is paying for. What do you really need? And why do you need it? We’re here to clear […]

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5 Car Repair Tools Every Driver Should Own


With the advent of connected-car services and apps, like OnStar and Zubie, it’s understandable that drivers have become complacent about breakdowns. After all, it’s easy to call up roadside assistance using your smartphone or even your car itself. However, it’s still important for anyone who drives a car to know how to perform basic tasks […]

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Check Engine Code P0301 – Causes and How to Fix It


Are you struggling with check engine light code P0301? Learn what causes this fault code and how to fix it with advice from an experienced mechanic. Source link

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How to Change Brake Pads and Rotors


Learn how to change brake pads and rotors on a car with this step by step picture guide written by a real mechanic. Source link

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How to Change Rotors


How to change rotors guide with lots of pictures from a real mechanic. Source link

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How to Change Brake Pads


Learn how to change brake pads on a car. Full picture guide with step by step instructions on removing brake pads and replacing them with new ones. Source link

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How to Check Brake Pads


I’ll show you how to check brake pads the right way. This article contains pictures, tips and tricks to do it the right way. Source link

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Auto Mechanic Course Study

Engine-Performance-Diagnostic-Tree-Chart.gif Online Repair Manuals If you think you’re interested in an auto repair related career you should review the auto mechanic course study topics prior to enrollment. Here we’ll dive into some of the major areas of automotive technology covered in auto technician training programs. Find out if learning about this kind of stuff interests […]

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What Causes Squeaking Brakes on a Car?


Having problem with squealing or squeaking brakes? Could it be your brake pads, calipers, rotors or something else? Learn what causes squeaky brakes. Source link

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